At NextPath, we are committed to helping schools collect, organize and use data in a meaningful way. By utilizing questionnaires, alongside other data your school already has, we identify and summarize key insights to make sure educators can make timely decisions about the needs of their students. We have experience in implementing multi-tiered systems of support within a continuous improvement, problem-solving model as well as building education technology solutions.

We are currently partnering with school districts to ensure that what we’re building hits the mark so that the tool is widely adopted and loved by educators.

Getting the voice of those in the school community

Can you easily collect the thoughts of students, staff, families and the public? Do you know what questions to ask? Can you easily compare aggregate and individual results over time?

With options to select from our premade questions or create your own, now you can get timely feedback on the following plus more:

  • Whether students are feeling connected to school and their learning
  • Whether students understand lessons and use the info
  • Quick student mental health check-ins and need of immediate support
  • Whether staff and families are feeling connected and satisfied

Gleaning information from your data

Even with great tools, educators are still spending far too much time digging through charts and data and don’t get to actually focus on having the conversations about what the data are revealing.

We are driven to build key summary statements, highlighting the patterns and trends over time so you don’t have to find the answers to the questions we know you have.

We’re currently working with districts to build out commonly needed team workspaces and common dashboards plus:

  • School climate/culture
  • PLCs and learning targets
  • Life, Career and College Readiness

Sharing indicators of readiness

How easily can you get the needed information about whether students are hitting benchmarks and gaining the skills and experiences in academic and social-emotional learning?

Educators utilizing NextPath will be able to easily track progress and share key insights about the important school and learner information.

With NextPath, we’re building out overall indicators that span skillsets so that schools can ensure students are equitably successful in their pathways of educational success

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